• Discovering Industry

    With the ongoing practice of objective and unbiased analysis and supreme quality of project management, we have gained trust from business partners.

  • Smart Brand

    Assist client in brand positioning, re-building and monitoring, with professional research around branding.

  • Winning Product

    Help client develop featured products better satisfying the needs of target groups.

  • A+ Service

    Help client monitor the quality of service in branches, to make sure all branches provide stable and good service for customers.

  • Cloud Survey

    An online survey system developed by Vantage, which supports PC, tablet and smartphone. The system is fully functional, simple and easy to use. It can support client gain high-efficient and accurate data collection, analysis and real-time project management via online service.

  • Execution

    In past 20 years Vantage has executed a lot of difficult and complicated projects, from which we have accumulated rich experience in project management and established professional system on quality control. These experience and system are the foundation for our high-efficient and high-quality execution.

Vantage will fully assist client in

Achieving breakthrough & creating values

Vantage has been providing market research service for numbers of world‘s Top500 companies

  • 500,000has sniffed over 500,000 fragrances
  • 300,000has drunk over 300,000 drinks(soft drinks, beers, wines, etc.)
  • 150,000has consumed over 150,000 unscented crackers
  • 700,000Over 3,000,000 speech data collection and transcription
  • 600,000Over 250,000 samples of satisfaction survey or market share survey
  • 550,000Over 500,000 samples of consumer panel